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Embodied Learnings was established in the fall of 2019 by a mother and daughter duo who are passionate advocates of arts education and believe in the inclusion of the body in the elementary curriculum and classroom environment. The inspiration to start this endeavour blossomed from their personal relationships with their bodies, experiences as learners in school, their dedication to their artistry, and through their professional work in education and business.  Traci and Rachel lead from the heart and listen to the wisdom of their bodies. They are deeply committed to student well-being and thriving schools.



Traci L. Scheepstra, Ph.D., CEO/Founder, is an Assistant Professor for the Bachelor of Education Program at Western University (part-time faculty) in London, Ontario. She is also an educational researcher and elementary dance education specialist. She received her Ph.D. from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto (OISE/UT) in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning. Her doctoral research focused on school-related gender-based violence in elementary contexts. She also completed her Master of Arts in Dance, and an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts Studies and Dance, at York University. With close to three decades of teaching experience, in a variety of educational settings with learners of all ages, Traci’s work focuses on curriculum, pedagogy and research in the fields of arts-based education, mental health and wellness, restorative practices, conflict resolution and communication, safe school initiatives, and equity and inclusion. Traci lives in Guelph, Ontario with her husband. She loves spending time with family, writing, going for walks in nature, practicing yoga, and dancing. 


Rachel Belliveau, COO/Founder, has always been passionate about the arts and arts education. She grew up in her mother’s creative arts studio where she was able to sing, dance, and express herself from a very young age. She also attended dance classes, learned to play the piano, and taught herself how to play the guitar and ukulele. Rachel completed her Grade 8 Royal Conservatory exam in Voice and played the tuba throughout high school at O’Neill CVI Performing Arts School. She was also in the Applied Music Program as a vocal performance student at the University of Guelph during her undergrad. After university, Rachel began working with Scotiabank as a Financial Advisor. Finance and operations is an aspect of business that Rachel is passionate about, which she brings to Embodied Learnings. In her spare time, Rachel sings, writes and records her own music, practices meditation and reiki, and goes out for nature hikes in her Guelph, Ontario home with her husband and young son.