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The “Why” of Embodied Learnings

Embodied Learnings evolved from a deep knowing that cognitive processes alone fail to meet the emotional, mental, and physical needs of students.

While the mind is powerful, it is only one part of the equation.

Without the body, we would lack the ability to communicate our emotions and intentions, to sense safety or danger, to experience wellness, to recall a favourite memory, to make “gut” decisions, or to feel love and connection. Furthermore, the body is an intelligent system that activates self-awareness, critical thinking, creativity, and imagination.

The whole body is not only necessary in the classroom, it is integral to learning.

Learning extends far beyond the standard curriculum texts that must be taught. It is also about making connections to our own lived experiences, interests, and worldviews.

 By engaging the body in the learning process through movement, students are given the opportunity for a deeper understanding of themselves and their reality.

This is the foundation of why we started Embodied Learnings that led us to choose our name.

Embodied learning (minus the “s”) is an educational method that involves the whole child (mind and body) in the learning process. It is a way of teaching that makes the learning physical as well as intellectual. Moreover, when something is embodied it becomes internalized and remembered.

Interaction of the whole body allows for meaning, knowledge, and understanding to transpire.

The inclusion of the “s” in our name, Embodied Learnings, signifies our belief that there is no singular means or outcome for learning. We must teach to the diverse needs of all of our students knowing that the way they learn is as unique as they are.

Traci L. Scheepstra, Ph.D., is the CEO/Founder of Embodied Learnings. Want to know more about her work in education? Read here!

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