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Celebrate Life Through Dance

Dance grounds the body to the earth and raises the spirit to the sky.   

I have always loved to dance. When I am in my body moving, I feel the most whole and powerful. There is something incredibly freeing about transcending time and space through physical movement. I am totally at ease when I can express myself through my body. It is not about thinking, but about being in the experience of fluidity and feeling.

The other night I had the pleasure of joining a small group of like-minded community members in a celebration of dance and music. It was our last contemporary class before the holidays. As usual, there was a musician accompanying our steps on guitar and drums. There was a feeling of love and acceptance in the room as we shared space and danced. 

It was not about looking good. We were in bare feet, comfy clothing, and masks. We were there to connect. We were there to release. We were there in the spirit of love.

It was a celebration of life through dance. 

When I dance, I experience my reality anew. I experience freedom.

Traci L. Scheepstra, Ph.D., is the CEO/Founder of Embodied Learnings. Want to know more about her work in education? Read here!

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