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Rise and Awaken - Morning Practice

Join Clare Esler as she guides you through Qigong, yoga and functional movement, to awaken each joint and muscle.

About this experience

In this practice, Clare will guide you through a harmonious combination of simple yet effective energy-moving practices including, Qigong, yoga and functional movement. Each modality is designed to build strength and to encourage the body to awaken and move optimally through each joint and muscle. This enlivening practice invigorates the body, mind and soul!

Your Host

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Clare Esler helps you lead a life centred in joy. As a healing and movement guide, she leads from a place of harmony and connection, to offer you a variety of movement and energetic practices. Each class is intelligently-designed to cater to your needs whether exploratory and intuitive, restorative and rejuvenating or strength and mobility-oriented. She sees movement as an every day gift that promotes further clarity, nourishment and self-inquiry. Each class integrates a variety of modalities that support you to feel better in your body while feeling more connected to the world around you.

Clare has over 300 hours of training in yoga and mindful movement. Her continuing education has included training from a variety of gifted teachers who have helped her to offer something unique, harmonious and grounding.