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We provide innovative and evidence-based resources that have been created by experienced teachers, teacher candidates, and movement experts. Each resource goes through a comprehensive research and development process before the writing begins. We only produce resources that we wholeheartedly believe will serve student engagement, learning, and well-being. While there are main contributors for each resource, the final product would not be possible without the collective effort of a number of individuals who also assist with development, editing, and formatting. We are also partnering with elementary school teachers to pilot (and provide feedback on) new resources so we can continue to improve their usability and effectiveness. We recognize that excellent resources are the result of being taught and tweaked several times over. 

We provide

We put a great deal of thought into the types of resources teachers need, to effectively and easily include dance education and movement integration into the curriculum and their daily school schedule. We provide activities, lessons, unit plans, video demonstrations, music playlists, posters, and much more! 

How we create

Our resources are created with best practices in mind such as culturally relevant pedagogy, differentiated instruction, inclusive language, and age-appropriate teaching strategies. We also provide a number of resources that are cross-curricular in nature, utilize the outdoor classroom, and do not require a great deal of time and space.

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