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At Embodied Learnings, we understand that teachers require the knowledge and skills necessary to bring the body into the school curriculum and classroom environment in order to successfully engage the whole child in learning. Our focus is to educate students from the inside out through dance education and movement integration, which we believe is achievable with the right support and resources available for teachers. 

Not only do we advocate for more movement and less sitting in the classroom, but the work that we do also supports student engagement, healthy relationships, student wellness, and an inclusive and welcoming learning community where all individuals can thrive. With that in mind, we have developed a number of ways that you can learn with us! 

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Blogs: Read about a number of topics related to dance education, movement integration, mental health and wellness, thriving classrooms, and so much more!

Social Media: Access tips, strategies, and ideas that focus on the body, dance education, and movement integration in the classroom. Watch our video demonstrations on a variety of movement ideas and dance steps. Join us for our weekly IGTV “Body Talk” where we discuss a number of education related topics.


Join a community of educators from around the world in our Elementary Dance Education (K-8) Facebook group for a wealth of information. Access a number of teaching resources such as articles, books, websites, and teaching videos. Read posts on lesson ideas, tips, and strategies. Have your questions answered and receive extra teaching support for dance education and movement integration. 

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We offer webinars on various topics to discuss best practices and overarching ideas related to the body, dance education and movement integration. These interactive sessions allow us to get to know you better, share our knowledge, and answer your questions! Webinars are approximately one to two hours in length.

Have a webinar idea? Let us know! Are you an educator, artist, movement/yoga instructor, mental health specialist, educational researcher/scholar, or an expert in a relatable field who would like to contribute to our webinars? We would love to partner with you.

Learn more and contact us about partnership information.


We offer online and in-person workshops (when possible) for teachers, school boards, and other interested individuals and organizations. These workshops can be customized to the interests of those in attendance. We are in the process of developing specific workshops on topics related to the body, dance education and movement integration that also address school-related gender-based violence, conflict resolution and communication, mental health and wellness, safe school initiatives, equity and inclusion, and arts-based education more broadly. 


We are in the process of developing self-guided courses for teachers on dance education, movement integration, and other related topics. As courses become available, they will be posted here with detailed information.


We are in the process of developing mentorship services for individuals and groups to support thriving classrooms and school cultures. Mentorship will include teaching support, resources, and training sessions over a period of time. Detailed information will be posted once mentorship services becomes available