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Embodied Learnings is a collaborative not-for-profit that relies on teacher education and academic interns, and community volunteers. The following people have contributed to various stages of our growth in the areas of research, resource development, workshop creation, grant writing, newsletter and/or blog content, editing, formatting, and/or website design. 

Aline McQueen

Alyse Takacs

Averil Novak 

Barbara Spencer

Danielle Laforet

Elisabeth DuBois

Emma Hutchinson

Erica Swan

Hannah Perdu

Jaimee Gregoire

Jen Doyle 

Jerrica Hakker

Julie Harber

Karelyn Ryckman

Katie Chiasson

Katie Pottekkat

Kelsey Cummings

Kristen Ciechanowicz

Laura Seminara

Maddy Brown 

Marissa Ryan

Maryam Mohammad

Meghan Drummond

Elyssa Catanzaro

Nathalie Lauriault

Nick Herlinger

Oendrila Banerjee

Randi Fields

Robyn Israel

Rochelle Hunt

Samantha Rock

Sara Wang

Shyen Top

Taylor Simpson

Tristan O’Connell 

Priscilla Yang

Erika MacNeil