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Who We Are

Embodied Learnings

Embodied Learnings started from a commitment to bring the body into the school curriculum and classroom environment to engage the whole child in learning. Teaching through cognitive processes alone fails to meet the emotional, mental, and physical needs of students. We are keenly aware that when teachers include the body in their teaching practice it allows students to make meaning of themselves, others, and the world around them in new and profound ways. By bringing attention to the body, we also bring attention to each individual student and their lived experiences.

Embodied Learnings is innovative, inclusive, and evidence-based. We provide a unique approach to dance, movement integration, and body inclusion, in the field of education. Our pedagogical approach, resource development, and research focus, addresses the differentiated needs of teachers and students through an equitable and inclusive education framework. We believe that all bodies can move. Difference in any capacity such as gender, ability, mental health, or age, are not a deterrent to movement opportunities. We are inclusive in that we honour and serve all teachers and students with dignity and respect. We provide educational offerings that are based on scholarly research and best teaching practices. Our resources have been designed by teachers, for teachers, who have a culmination of years of expertise. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to create thriving classrooms where students spend more time moving and less time sitting so the whole body can be engaged in the process of learning.

Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide teachers, teacher candidates, dance specialists, mental health leads, and other support staff with the knowledge and skills necessary to educate students from the inside out, where the body is a gateway to a deeper understanding of self, others, and the world. 

We advocate for the inclusion of the body through dance education and movement integration in the elementary classroom. It is our mission to bring awareness of the impact embodied experiences can have on student learning, healthy relationships, student wellness, and an inclusive and welcoming learning community, to create thriving school cultures.