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Ep15: Addressing the Interplay Between Mental and Physical Health to Support Well-Being

In this episode of “Body Talk” Dr. Traci L. Scheepstra interviews Dr. Kirstie Griffiths, a licensed chiropractor and yoga instructor who focuses on back pain relief through mind-body practices. Dr. Griffiths, also known on social media as the “Chiroyogi,” combines her areas of expertise to support patients in the clinical setting and students in the yoga studio. In this interview, Dr. Scheepstra and Dr. Griffiths discuss the interplay between mental and physical health. They address how emotional issues such as anxiety and depression can instigate physical responses in the body (e.g., back pain, digestive issues, headaches) and how physical ailments (e.g., injury, illness, chronic pain) can manifest in emotional responses. Regardless of what comes first (the physical or emotional “breakdown”), the mind and body work together as a whole to provide information about an individual’s overall well-being. Dr. Griffiths stresses that children are just beginning to learn about the mind-body connection and need opportunities to talk about how they feel physically and emotionally. They also need to be taught strategies for mindfulness and emotional regulation, and techniques to stretch and move the body after periods of sitting. Learning these skills at a young age creates a roadmap of well-being for a lifetime. The interview concludes as Dr. Griffiths offers some wonderful suggestions on how teachers can take the time out of their schedule for their own self-care. For more information on Dr. Kirstie Griffiths: 20-minute demo Yoga for Back Pain Video: Website: IG: @thechiropracticyogi FB: Dr. Kirstie Griffiths Chiropractic & Yoga Facebook group: Youtube channel:


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