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Ep14: Cultural Dance: Making Connections to the Past, Present, and to Each Other

In this episode of “Body Talk” Dr. Traci L. Scheepstra interviews Erika MacNeil and Carly Cohen who are public school teachers, dancers, and artists. As children, they attended Claude Watson School for the Arts in Toronto, Ontario, and were founding members of Canadian Dance Tapestry, a traditional Canadian dance company for youth. In this interview, they share their experiences of being part of an esteemed company that performed in various festivals in Ontario, across Canada, and around the world. They also share how this experience has impacted their work as both educators and dancers. Erika and Carly talk explicitly about what culture dance is, why it is so important, and the benefits of including cultural dance in the school curriculum. They also share their thoughts on cultural appropriation, which is a critical issue in arts education. This is a highly informative and thought-provoking talk that will hopefully inspire you to bring cultural dance into your school.

For more information about Erika MacNeil and Carly Cohen: Carly Cohen: Erika MacNeil: You can read Erika’s blog "A Place in this World," (published Friday, November 13, 2020).

You can find Erika @ Website Resource: The Ontario Folk Dance Association:


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