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Ep10: Best Practices for Including All Bodies in Movement

In this episode of “Body Talk” Dr. Traci L. Scheepstra interviews Taylor Simpson, a second year Teacher Candidate at Western University, with a speciality in Disability Studies, and the author of “Including All Bodies in Movement.” Join them as they talk about inclusion specific to dance education and movement integration. Traci and Taylor address what inclusion means in a movement/arts context and the importance of using inclusive language so that all students can participate in ways that work for their individual abilities.  They also talk about inclusive participation, which supports students who may struggle with anxiety, shyness, or any other form of discomfort that may prevent them from moving in front of their peers. Lastly, Taylor reviews the tips and checklists that she created for teachers, which can be used to create an inclusive experience for students. These tips and checklists look at the environment where movement would be taught, the importance of knowing your students, differentiated assessment, and ways to create inclusive instruction.  

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Including All Bodies in Movement I 
Making Movement Inclusive: Tips and Checklists 
Re-Thinking Participation 
Using Inclusive Language 


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