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Whole-Body Learning

Whole-body learning is an educational approach to teaching where the physical, intellectual, emotional and psychological needs of students are developed through hands-on, exploratory and movement-oriented experiences. It can also be described as innovative, playful, engaging, kinaesthetic, multi-sensory, memorable, and FUN! Essentially, whole-body learning turns traditional teaching on its head. Whole-body learning can be integrated across the curriculum to engage students in subjects that are traditionally done pencil to paper. Instead of spending time sitting quietly at their desks they learn while moving in the company of others. Numerous research studies indicate that academic achievement and personal success is greatly enhanced when students are engaged in learning that is experiential. Hands-on and movement-integrated lessons are a powerful way in which experiences are created. In this video, you will hear suggestions for how to bring whole-body learning to your students by getting them up and out of their seats, learning outdoors, and by having whole-body experiences through the art.

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