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Scarf Play

Scarves provide endless possibilities for fun! They also work as a bridge for students to gain greater comfort in their bodies, and confidence moving, when they focus on the scarves rather than themselves. This light fabric can dance up high or down low, it can move fast or slow, and it can twirl, swoop, or zap. Students can interpret dance vocabulary with scarves before doing it with their bodies (e.g., Can you show me how your scarf can swoop?). They can also play games such as dance freeze where students have to control the fabric (and their bodies) while they stop and start their movement. Scarves can be used to interpret different types of music with varying tempos and beats. Furthermore, scarves are inclusive in that students can use them standing or sitting, dancing in one spot or dancing around the room. They work well in the school classroom and for remote learning. For a child that does not have a traditional scarf at home they can also use a pillow case, tea towel, or handkerchief. Let us know what you think!

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