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Instrument Use for Movement

Instruments have many uses in the dance classroom. For example, they can be used as a classroom management tool, to provide beat and rhythm for locomotor movement, and to explore emotions. Drums are one of the most popular instruments to use for dance as they project sound across a classroom, a gymnasium, and even an outdoor space. Teachers can tap a steady beat to assist students with various movements such as walking, jumping, marching, crawling, or running. Drums can also be played by rubbing, scratching, and tapping with fingertips, which can provide a different experience when students are exploring emotions through their bodies. This video sheds light on how to use a few simple instruments for classroom management to support active listening and safe movement exploration. Plus, there is a demonstration showing how instruments such as a drum, wood block, egg shakers, and a tambourine can be used for dance activities. We hope you find this video useful for teaching your next dance class. Let us know what you think!

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