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Hoop Play

Hula hoops provide hours of inquiry-based learning through critical questioning and experimenting. These one-dimensional circular props can be used in a number of ways from spinning them on the ground, dancing them around, over and under the body, to using them like a jump rope. Teachers can encourage students to come up with questions such as “what ways can I move my hoop on the ground?” or “how can I move my body inside the hoop?” The fun is in answering the questions by discovering how versatile hoops are for movement. In this video you will gain several ideas of how to use hoops for inquiry-based learning and for making cross-curricular connections. There is also a demonstration of moving from one up to four hoops. The video ends with an explanation of how students can do a hoop dance by exploring all of the ways the hoop and body can work together. 

Many thanks to Norma McMillan for the hoop play demonstration. Norma is on the Embodied Learnings Board of Directors. She is also the elementary health and physical education specialist at Western University and is a licensed elementary educator with the Thames Valley District School Board in Ontario, Canada. Read more about Norma here.


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