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Follow the Leader

The song “Follow the Leader” was released by The Soca Boys in 1998. The music video highlights concert attendees dancing and moving to the lyrics of the song. It has been used by various organizations for fitness dance, all with their own interpretation of aerobic dance moves. “Follow the Leader” is a high impact style of dance that will increase your student’s heart rates while they have fun. Since it is a follow-along style of dance you can simply play the corresponding video and have your students follow along. It can be used as a “brain break” when students have been sitting for a length of time. It also works well as a warm-up for a dance unit. “Follow the Leader” can be easily integrated into the online or in person classroom. Many thanks to Aline McQueen, a Teacher Candidate at Western University, for the demonstration of this dance. 

*We do not own the rights to this music or choreography. 

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