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Dance Props

Students can explore different ways of moving with the support of dance props. In this video teachers will be introduced to three inexpensive props (leaves, feathers, and Kleenex) and some simple ideas for incorporating them into the school day such as for brain breaks and warm-ups. Also, as these props are light in weight they help students focus on body control. For example, dancing with a feather balanced on the top of the head or on the point of an elbow requires concentration and slow movement. Throwing one of these props in the air and catching it on a body part requires eye/ body coordination. It’s also fun to see if students can dance around the room at different tempos with one of the props on a body part without falling off (e.g., jumping or twirling without the feather falling to the floor if it is resting on the top of one’s head). Feathers and leaves are inexpensive to buy at a dollar store in the craft section. Plus, leaves can be collected in the fall after they’ve fallen from a tree. Kleenex is particularly inexpensive and available to all students which makes it a great option when teaching virtually.

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