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Cupid Shuffle

In 2007, the artist Cupid released his studio album “Time for a Change,” which featured the song “Cupid Shuffle.” The song took on a life of its own and morphed into a popular line dance with three main repeated movements: side steps, front kicks, and turning steps. This demonstration shows a simple and low impact version of the line dance. However, there are a number of ways students can add their own creative flair to the dance by changing how they perform the various steps. For example, instead of a simple side step, students have the option of adding a grapevine, hops, or jumps. As well, front kicks can be high impact with coordinated arms and the turning step can be a twist or other made up dance step. We recommend you start by teaching the students the basic moves as a whole class. From there, students can suggest ways to make the line dance more creative. This can be done in small groups (each group comes up with their own version of the line dance) or collaboratively as a whole class. The dance should be accessible for every student regardless of ability. Therefore, it is important to keep the main structure of the line dance. Each individual can modify steps as needed or accentuate steps where desired. This line dance is a lot of fun in person but can be performed online in a virtual setting. It is excellent for a dance class or for daily physical activity.

Many thanks to Aline McQueen, a Teacher Candidate at Western University, for the demonstration of this dance.


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