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The song “Agadoo” was released in 1984 by the British band Black Lace. It was created as a humorous and silly pop song that became very popular in the UK. Along with the music video of the song, the band performed a mini dance to go along with the lyrics. This dance has been adapted by various individuals over the years of which many of the dance variations can be found on the Internet by simply searching “Agadoo dance.” The song has also been covered by many artists around the world and even turned into parodies. This video has been recorded for your students to follow along. However, you can also encourage your students to make up their own dance moves for sections of the song. Regardless, Agadoo is a great song to get your students up and moving and having fun!   

Many thanks to Aline McQueen for the demonstration of this dance. Aline is a licensed educator with the Ontario College of Teachers and former Teacher Candidate at Western University. 

*We do not own the rights to this music or choreography.


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