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Action Songs for Brain Breaks

Young children have a very short attention span and tend to lose focus on learning within ten to twenty minutes of a lesson. One of the easiest ways to give them a brain break is to encourage them to get into their bodies through action songs. Within a couple of minutes students will have reactivated their brains and be ready to focus on learning again. This strategy keeps the lesson flowing and fun rather than insisting that the children sit still and pay attention, which can result in a power struggle between teacher and students. While developing focused attention is an important skill it goes without saying that children will stop learning if they are unable to refocus. There needs to be a balance between sitting still and reenergizing the body. Ultimately, we want students to be as engaged as possible for an optimal learning experience. In this video you will see two action songs demonstrated in news ways to get students moving as much as possible. Plus, you will hear a few hints about how to keep action songs ready in your “back pocket” when needed. We hope these simple tips are helpful to keep your young students engaged. 

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